"The Med Spa Like No Other" Organic Med Spa in Johns Creek

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"The Med Spa Like No Other" A List of Treatment Plans

Building a "Med Spa Like No Other"  means creating Herbology-Based Treatment Plans designed after consultation. Plans are about building strength in appearance and the aging process from the inside out. 

It means knowing deeply the season generating the earth and you. It often means being inclusive of  Dr. Kim's perspective as it influences and can directly draw on herbs from the Pharmacy into my treatment plans.

"Like No Other" means stepping back and being willing to taylor treatments, not create this months best sale based on what is on the shelf.

"The Med Spa Like No Other" is not machine based care.

I strive towards an inclusive approach that respects the  uniqueness of your individuality and constitution making it difficult to express things like, "For X amount of dollars, we will spend X amount of time and here is the current popularized commercial spa jargon that goes with that to help you make a decision." 

Our Med Spa does not work like that. Reset your expectations for a Med Spa experience that seeks to engage on purposeful expression of a greater model of health and well being than you may be accustom to receiving or be knowledgable about. 

Herbs are graded like lumber. Green Acupuncture and Med Spa herbology-based treatment plans not governed by the "cheap sale." The final say about this matter comes from Dr. Kim and Georgia. Their exponential expertise empowered with a knowledge base that continually seeks to reside and express the "Like No Other" in our name.

It would require Dr. Kim and Georgia's library of professional text books and descriptions of their internships and apprenticeships with those who have mastery in the Fields, years of Practice, current research and continuing education to provide you with an exhaustive list of what we draw upon to create your treatment plans. However, we have put the following information together to help you find the feelings about treatment plans that will be created especially for you, the one like no other.

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I accept patients into my Practice when they telephone to ask me directly about their interests and when Dr. Kim is directing their care.


There are photos, patient interviews and my comments about the many accomplishments in the Med Spa in the Gallery of Photos on this site and in the Green Acupuncture Blog.