Learning Centers

1st Keynote Development

Herbal Medicine Pharmacy

 The 1st keynote of ongoing development of “Green Acupuncture” (then just Dr. Kim) was establishing the fresh complimentary center of “ and Med Spa (Georgia) ” 

Born of essence and purposed to “be like no other” out of respect for the individual and the earth, the unity within Green Acupuncture and Med Spa is sustainable eco-balancing. 

Globally recognized and respected the cabinetry hosting hundreds of herbs yield to the power of mastery in the field developed generationally and carried on by those who remain steadfast.

2nd Keynote Development



The 2nd keynote was building the culture and patient orientation of Green Acupuncture and Med Spa. Our two golden boxes greet patients with the reassurance of our roots, clarity in who we are, what we do and how we do it. 

This keynote in the Practice is Purposed to bring an ease to those experiencing Oriental Medicine for the first time and a heart felt welcoming to our Practice. It is an visual anchor that sets expectations and highlights of both ancient to modern concepts in easy to understand format. 

3rd Keynote Development



The 3rd keynote with ongoing development is the Seasonal Care Learning Exhibit. Originally created in print format, it was then developed into art. 

This center is purposed to draw upon, bring forward and explore thousands of years of “know when and know how to shape” the biology of life. We have found these ancient observation of patterns in nature to be observable today in the interrelated/interdependent/interconnected relationships of earth, human health and well being along with the development of engaging strategies for personal growth in alignment with wholeness of the individual. 

4th Keynote Development



The 4th keynote completing the Seasonal Care Learning Exhibit opens explorations of natures architecture in the transitions of autumn, winter, spring and summer in a way that offers countless opportunities to create overlays that offer up learning from systems strengths and weaknesses, ways to build well being, the infinite biology of thinking with the skills for when and how to shape, personal growth strategies, sound organizational skills, economics, and more to come.

5th Keynote Development



The 5th keynote captures the energetics in the heart beat of essential oils and the enduring qualities gifted to humanity in the development of thousands of years. Originally captured by, ____ this exhibit offers learning in overlay after overlay. Education and formulations draw on maintaining the integrity of breath, patient diagnostics, anchors in the the Universal 5 Elements, and seasonal change modeled in Oriental Medicine.

Release in Spring 2019



A 6th Keynote is in progress; due in Spring of 2019. The new architure will create a learning center for links in Infinite Biology of Thinking and ancient Oriental Medicine to modern day applications.