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Med Spa

An aspect of True Mastery in this field is the will to awaken and serve the well being of the unique individual and their personal relationship within the elements of the natural world. 

When Art and Science yields to express the greatest balance in harmony within the individual and nature’s resources, there is eco-balancing. Unimpeded eco-balancing flows with expansions and contractions, always seeking to gain the greatest Life Force from the season.

The Med Spa was founded to express this Mastery. 

My reputation for building well being and beauty is anchored in supporting eco-balancing during times of smooth forward living, personal challenges and nature’s seasonal changes. It is through nourishing alignment with rhythmic changes that we gain the powerful means for adaption and building strength for daily living. 

I post photos, patient interviews and my comments about the many accomplishments in the Med Spa on the Green Acupuncture Blog.  


I accept patients into my Practice when they telephone to ask me directly about their interest and when Dr. Kim is directing their care.

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I remain steadfast in drawing on an ever expanding knowledge base and the will to awaken in each season for the benefit of each unique individual. I create excellence in my work through how I use my hands and the selection of herbs, oils, clays, muds and salts in formulations that promote eco-balancing and celebrate Life’s Essence. 

The direction is always enabling the processes of supporting you to:  


We hope you will build your knowledge and experience with Oriental Medicine and live the wealth we have to offer in the creation of your Priceless Well Being.

Nature would not have it any other way. 


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