Seasonal Care - Authentic Well Being


Our Role in Your Life

We acknowledge our role in your life is to support your well being. We commit to anchoring our knowledge base and skills on behalf of your care in alignment with leading and teaching a LifeStyle that delivers enduring principals found in the natural world.  

Natural movements, necessary for living a life of well being, flows abundantly when we are willing to honor the uniqueness of ourselves and our common ties to all of life. You are in fact, rooted as is Oriental Medicine and the Med Spa in “like to other.”

The earth is asking us to align with sustainable roots and apply this wisdom to reinventing our common experience. We remain steadfast to this direction established in the development of Oriental Medicine beginning thousands of years ago. We continue observing, listening to and being the heartbeat in life that strives to expresses the authentic.


It can be challenging to escape the disconnect in modern urban life that tends to fray us into a distorted version of our self. Too often we find ourselves caught up in technology advances and artificial environment; none of which can create our body. In the blurry context, we lose sight of our basic needs. The weakened conditions short-change our abilities for good decisions and the growth (movement) that is a natural balance to toxic stagnation.

The services and elements used in the Med Spa by Dr. Kim and Georgia are a working model of commitment to these many dimensions of “being like no other.” From revitalization plans with acupuncture and herbal medicine to the elements used in Med Spa services; the richness found in oriental medicine, individual constitution, time of year and the select global resources from the earth are considered.

Treatment Plans

The Seasonal Plan is four appointments per year as each change of season occurs. We recommend you pursue the entire course of treatments available in a season. And, we highly recommend you commit and complete a year (four cycles) of care to actualize the most from the time and energy invested. We see momentum building in our patients; the kind of energy that creates patient interviews, which speaks for itself.

Every season includes what is necessary and excludes what is not valuable. Do not expect it to remain the same.

We approach each patient respectful of resources. We will adjust any given seasonal treatment plan. Begin. Continue. Each modality stands on its own and the combination is what will provide the most to your living.

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