Simply a Complex Case - Tammy, Braselton, GA


Patient Interview

Until now, I had a lifelong history of undiagnosed medical problems. Starting from the age of 12- every 6 to 8 weeks fevers of 104, vomiting, swollen lymph nodes throughout my body and intense stomach pains that would cause me to pass out.  The last few years I was unable to eat without being sick. I suffered from unbelievable back and leg pain making walking more than difficult.

This round of episodes ended when they found and removed a schwonnoma tumor on my spinal cord nerve at the age of 27. All the neurologists and neurosurgeons cannot explain why I had such a reaction for such a long time and why the surgery fixed all my other symptoms.

At the age of 28, I started 10 years of fertility treatments. It was a long complicated road that included the loss of 2 babies. One baby, my daughter's twin in our 26th week and another in our 3rd month (I wish I would have known about Dr. Kim years ago). I am happy to say we have 4 beautiful children.

About 7 years ago, I started having strange episodes again.  My neck was locking up. My worst episode was 7 weeks in bed on muscle relaxers and PT every day.  After 7 weeks I had the strength to have dinner with my kids then go back to bed.

My symptoms continued to get worse with constant neck pain, shoulder pain, spasticity, fatigue and weakness in my left arm, hoarseness, numbness in head, spinal cord, left arm and chest, leaky heart valve, shortness of breath, horrible headaches, stomach issues and memory loss.

Again, like years before my western medicine tests are all normal.

Then I was diagnosed with Dystonia. I went to Emory's Dystonia Clinic. I have "unusual dystonia" not like most people they treat. I could no longer voluntarily hold my head up. I was advised to have Botox injections.

I was in horrific pain after the Botox injections. It created more issues and resolved none; I was still unable to hold my head up. I had days where I physically could not get my arms in position to even sign a check. It was 3 months of hell waiting for it to wear off.

When I returned to my neurologist and told her I hoped for better results and would not do it again, she advised the only thing they can do for me is increase the Parkinson meds (6 per day) and muscle relaxers (up to 3 per day). Keep in mind, I have 4 small kids and live on painkillers along with the rest of the medications.  I was advised they would continue to increase meds until I am more comfortable or can't stay awake or remember anything.

This treatment plan is from my 7th neurologist and the best I can find. I am lucky to have personal doctor friends who have looked over my medical records and arranged for me to see their co-workers. They are all stumped.

Dr. Kim and Georgia are the miracles I have been praying for.  I don't know if I will ever have a "normal" life again. What I do know at this point is after years of being treated like the untreatable, with Dr. Kim and Georgia I will have an amazing life again.

Update: From Tammy July 2014

I highly recommend Dr. Kim and Georgia.  I went to Dr. Kim out of desperation, yet still not believing he would be able to help.  I was not sure where else to turn. Dr. Kim has given me a life back that no other Dr. has been able to do. I feel like I can dream of a great future with my family again.

It has been 4 months since my 1st appointment (3/24/2014). I have been able to stop taking all my western meds (see below). Dr. Kim has strengthened my immune system with his herbal medicines and acupuncture along with Georgia’s treatments in the Med Spa.  My voice has returned, my energy level is increased. My liver and kidney are detoxing and healing from over 30 years of western pharmacy meds. I am able to read my phone without reading glasses and my memory is slowly returning.

I will not tell you I am cured, it has taken me years to be as sick as I have been. I believe I am finally on the road to recovery instead of the road of just trying to make it through the day. I truly believe Dr. Kim wants me healthy and will do everything he can to help.

Georgia is full of knowledge and love, she is a great partner for Dr. Kim both working for the common goal of making you healthy.  I have so much faith in Dr. Kim's ability that my children now see him for preventative treatments and normal kid issues.

Comments From Dr. Kim and Georgia

Dr. Sam Kim and Georgia are forever grateful to Tammy F. and her family both here is the Atlanta area and on the East Coast for the genuine commitment to our treatment plan. They stayed the course and followed our guidance.

The beginning of this successful recovery was intense. Tammy arrived three times a week in the early months of her treatment. That meant driving 1+ hours one-way, which translates to one and half days per week in treatment.

We moved from the negative and no confidence to brave and moving in her own knowledge.  Her recovery in medical terms is remarkable.

To leave the world of endless emergencies where the body is treated with quick fixes; the patient’s will must surrender to being guided through a “natural process” and learn how to listen to the intelligence of the body. This is, comparatively speaking to “quick fix,” slow medicine. It requires time and movement through the seasons.

The life inside our Practice is Listening to the Body and Learning.  This is key to be in harmony with what is truly Life-Giving. The work is eco-balancing from the root. We leverage the healing forces of nature’s every season in our treatment plans. This approach is critical to the successful treatment of chronic (long-term), catastrophic illness. It is also true for health maintenance. These are some of the pathways we tread to attain remarkable results.

Though much attention is given to how we move forward as a team, it is equally important to understand we fine team as Dr. Kim, Georgia, and the Patient. In the case of generational disturbances, it also means family members.

The relationship must be built on trust. This is not something to be taken likely or being guided in the process falls into jeopardy. We leverage the healing forces of nature’s every season in our treatment plans. This approach is critical to the successful treatment of chronic (long-term), catastrophic illness. It is also true for health maintenance.

In the beginning, Tammy drove from Braselton to Johns Creek three times a week. Often the treatment plan of the day engaged 2-3 hours of therapy. Step-by-step, every appointment included therapies from Dr. Kim and Georgia along with herbal medicine formulations one-after-another and sometimes several at a time.

Treatment began in March of 2014. Over time, we also treated Tammy’s husband, children, and Mother in the effort to realign healthy patterns.

At the end of October 2014, Tammy was able to play a little golf with her husband. Still struggling at times, going forward and then experiencing what appeared to be occasional set-backs we moved through her body’s reply and the change of the seasons. With tremendous courage, a mighty will to attain self-control after a life-long history of something else, in late April of 2015 Tammy went on to a Maintenance Program.

Update: From Tammy June 2015

Every day is CRAZY!!! Too many kids with too many activities. I feel fabulous.  I know I have missed some of my maintenance care. I planned on coming in for a maintenance appointment and someone comes to town or I feel so great that I want to enjoy it with the kids. I even worked 2 swim meets the from 5 pm to midnight. I was calling kids names and lining them up. My body and voice stayed steady.

You would be proud of me. I am being very smart, listening to my body. I know I am not perfect yet. I rest to restore before swim meets. I make myself go to bed at a reasonable time every night. The peace of seeing myself just being a Mom and not saying “no I can’t” has been great for my family. The kids said this has been the best summer so far.

You can absolutely use, my message for an update. I am truly having an amazing summer. I have even taken up some projects with the girls. I can't tell you how much I am enjoying not relying on someone else to take my kids places.

Update: From Tammy Winter, 2015

As noted previously, I suffered a heart condition for more than 5 years. I was closely monitored and on my way to a Mayo Clinic Cardiologist for a "severe leaky heart valve” when I decided to forego the Mayo referral and focus on a treatment plan from Dr. Kim and Georgia.

My local cardiologist comment during examinations - "I don't know what you are doing but keep doing it."  It has taken from March of 2014 to now Winter 2015 to be “release” from my cardiologist. I no longer have a leaky valve.

Comments From Dr. Kim and Georgia

As always everything in our Traditional Chinese Medicine Practice says Yes! you can Tammy! A gentle reminder! We know you are making up lost time with your family; however, get to your Maintenance Sessions! There are purpose and support for your continued well being after so many years of something else.

Update: From Tammy Thanksgiving, 2016

I wanted to zip line in Costa Rica for Years. I am finally strong enough!!!

Update: From Tammy Thanksgiving 2017

So many of our friends have died from Cancer. Even though my life continues to be lived to the fullest, after four years my husband urged me to go for a check-up with my old physician. The answers there to my pitiful conditions were always a reference to my broken body and state-of-mind. The solutions were additional drugs and increased prescription strengths. 

My visit was insightful.

When I arrived at the appointment, my Doctor asked for my complaints. I replied, “ I don’t have any.” After the common physical exam, I was told everything “appears to be normal” and I “look really good.” The same physician that told me I “have too many things wrong” had little interest in how I arrived at my recovered healthy state. The blood tests were surely going to pull-up the truth of my condition.

If you have been following my story then you know of my host of disorders; some thought to be life treating and others chronic to incurable. You know of the 6 Neurologists and Mayo’s advisor to go to their emergency room for my heart condition. There was extreme doubt that the long list of dysfunctions that I lived in the past made it impossible to have a perfectly “normal” blood test now.

The blood tests came back perfectly normal !!!!!

I remain in regular Maintenance and Seasonal Care with Dr. Kim and Georgia. If the going gets tough (raising 4 children does have challenges) I do not hesitate to support myself with an additional appointment on occasion.

I am off to celebrate my life - Happy Thanksgiving!

Reaching Deeper Into Personal & Executive Performance


Kristen Appleman, SPHR-CA/GPHR, SHRM-SCP,CPP General Manager, MidAtlantic
 Market ADP TotalSource



A. I was looking for a way out of over-all poor health, raging stress levels, the 15 – 20 migraines a month, the physical drain from Lupus and being over-weight. I have been long been vibrant and have had a dynamic career.
However, my energy and ability to “Do it all” was significantly

challenged. I could no longer hide the internal frustration and pain I was having.


A. I may have a few headaches in a month – a huge improvement to where I was 18 months ago. When I do have migraines now – I can see they are likely a result of changes in barometric pressure weather changes or when I have been traveling significantly. In my role at work, I travel extensively and am on a plane routinely. I can feel the difference of when I am able to keep my routine appointments with Green Acupuncture and when my travel precludes me from being in town. The last of the headaches remain a goal in my treatment plan. In addition, having my energy and stamina back has been central to my ability to lose over 55-pounds. I am well on my way with a rebalance into health and well-being.

I no longer suffer from Lupus.

I have learned key lessons on what it takes to clear my mind. A turning point was learning the importance of internal accountability for me personally and how it affects my welfare as well as everyone and everything in my life. The mastery of this key lesson was achieved with Dr. Kim on the treatment table. I stopped ignoring and covering-over and found the clarity to address healing what was really is damaged in my body and hurting through the step-by-step treatments.

It’s another crazy day, yet I am confident in my Presence. The real me expresses itself daily, I have my core back. With my mojo working and my emergence from the cocoon, I received the biggest promotion in my career. My reputation for being infectiously polished with the drive and ability to get it done while taking everyone with me shines. Fellow co-workers and friends have remarked that I have a “glow” about me.

My family life, well you can just imagine the joy has returned along with the ability to work through no matter what happens as I now know my way back to balance.

I consider Green Acupuncture and Med Spa a LifeStyle. It’s my edge. 

When you read in the literature “you do not know, you do not have and you have never been what you can be with acupuncture and real support
from the natural world; it’s my truth.

When you read, “Build your life/family/teams/wealth with the edge use by Emperors and those identified as Leaders, Winners, Warriors, Commanders, the Unstoppable, Inventors, the Brilliant and more in the ancient and modern world – I say “take the recommendation from Dr. Kim and Georgia.”

NOTES FROM GEORGIA - Designer and Producer of Lifestyle published and event offerings 

Our forever heart felt thank you to Kristen Appleman for opening the pathway to our first LifeStyle – Executive Performance Interview. It is important that you read this in context.

If you are an Executive reading this, I likely would have been someone you would have hired at one time to realign your organization into making more money, selling more and getting better market position with a happy team that writes about the great company they work for and the privilege it is to work with you. I know about you. I know about corporate life. 

I had the privilege of working with fine Atlanta CEOs and their executive teams. My work was to take you and your company to the “next level.” With stacks of accolades, the heart felt gratitude of many and a building presence as an expert in Whole Brain and Systems Thinking in the public speaking arena, I simply stopped instead of taking myself forward.

Deep within I knew I was not challenged in the “industry’s leading edge framework of the day” to express a greater truth that was available for me to bring to the Board Room table. I wanted to truly take my executives to the next level. There was a grain of sand in my core creating the elements of will and the courage to weather dramatic change in unknown territory.

I just knew one day we could clearly see ourselves as “treading water in corporate development” if I could redirect my life. I did.

My leap was a plunge into the depths of the ancient and modern world of China. For several years I was Business Advisor to a legendary Grand Master in the world of Kung Fu. He is also a western trained Orthopedic physician. My challenge - supporting the development of some of the finest internationally recognized athletes and schools. With that, a vault in China’s great wealth of knowledge begun in the Yellow Emperor’s Period opened. With my ability to render a valuable western contextualization, the gain of sand began to illuminate. A vista opened and a pearl formed around my choice to leave the business community.

Returning with my new mantle of knowledge, Dr. Sam Kim, DOM, Dipl.Lc.Ac. continues to compliment and fully completes the pearl of knowledge as expressed in LifeStyle and Corporate Performance at Green Acupuncture and Med Spa.

We are the generations fully empowered with the means to move ourselves to the real - authentically empowered “next level.” In truth we are being called upon to change our personal eco-systems to meet the challenges of climate change. Adapting is only one component. 

How does your strategy engage nature’s bio agenda itself? Its an important question as the earth creates your physical body. Most can agree, the artificial (dissipating structures - the unsustainable phenomenon we experience) isn’t going to hold you in the game.

Accepting the whole body shows up for work with a great deal of influence and it is all about Performance, both personal and professional, is simply common sense. Though there are many examples, Team Asana got this! Wall Street Journal headlines read “Acupuncture” in identifying their edge in winning Tour De France.

The ancients gave little thought to sickness. During certain eras Physician were kept alive only by their ability to keep people well. That’s some brutal consequences! 

The end result is a knowledge base without side-effects and that which keeps us healthy and functioning in life intimately linked to the ancient standards of the best, enduring, enriching, and that which brings harmony to life. Being alive simply wasn’t enough. The agenda was bold and empowering.

For thousands of years oriental medicine has enabled the body, without harm from its core, to gain and hold balance. Everything in our Practice says you can. Nothing in our Practice gives the power of your body to be healthy and to live long and live well to something out-of-sink with life itself. Therein flows our true power.

We can create meaningful change through LifeStyle for our individual self, for our families, our co-worker and the businesses we serve. Our impact in doing so can shake us free of what is “poorly formed” locally and globally through untapped creative forces that rightfully belongs to us.

The foundations of oriental medicine live in a time when there was no war on earth for 5,000 years. On all fronts historians estimate their culture was 1,000 years ahead of the West. They passionately explored nature’s design for longevity and well being. Will it surprise you to know in 2015 the wisdom of the Yellow Emperor Period begins to spread to veterinary services in Johns Creek and it has made its way to the battle field as as means of trauma recovery for US troops? Imagine, we have given our pets a place where they do not have to believe or suffer side effects to restore their greatness and our military support that prevents their fall from greatness.

Come along with us. Together we can soar in our most colorful selves and be more than we dreamed. All our efforts will be to bring your best self forward. There is no need to believe, just come and see.

Kristen is one of many Corporate Performance interviews we will be sharing. How about yours?

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Menopause - A New Beginning


Interview with Josephine M.

 My reason to seek care with Dr. Kim and Georgia was experiencing the feeling of being out of balance, out of sync mentally, physically and with life as a whole. I was feeling insecure and at times felt high anxiety. It was in a downward spiral crashing into a pivotal point of awareness that comes with aging in negative terms.

The wear-and-tear of being a single Mom lingered. The challenges are over. I have much to be proud of; however, my body would not let me enjoy my rewards for the life I have created. It is difficult to learn how to to grasp onto a new family life encumbered with wear-and-tear that never seems to heal.

The long struggle of fighting male dominance to attain being a woman in a corporate leadership role no longer holds my prime interest. How could that be? It was difficult to accept that as “real.” It appeared to be a dramatic shift - off balance. Priorities were fading into more questions than answers on some days. My body was begging a different focus; a path out of the mist and into clarity.  

I have been rebuilding my body on solid ground with a doctor that respects me as an individual and creates his treatment plans knowing there is no one on earth exactly like me. Dr. Kim’s guidance through the process, support with his knowledge of the full spectrum of modalities available in Oriental Medicine from acupuncture, moxa, cupping, formulations specific to my body from his pharmacy to breathing techniques have and continue to heal and bring my body into balance. 

Georgia’s complimentary relationship to the Five Elements approach in the Med Spa again, allows for attention to me as an individual with treatment plans that embrace Dr. Kim’s diagnostics. This is coupled with seasonal change considerations in the selected modalities at any given time and the earth elements she gathers from around the world that build and strengthen my body systems. With support from the Med Spa in custom oil blends and expert instructions for use, I am never abandon into my off balance moments as I move through changes.

The transfer of knowledge in “life long skills” through verbal instructions, lists, and tangible tools like Georgia’s ever-changing reminder cards and the Figure 8 for Meditations tool have greatly contributed to the new place where I am now. I appreciate the richness in Green Acupuncture and Med Spa “LifeStyle” offerings.

With my body more aligned (not perfect just yet), I stepped forward in life. Enabled, I opened a small business that I hope to grow strong enough so that I can leave my corporate position. Anxiety attacks have lessened. I have learned multiple methods to reorganize myself that make them less severe while Dr. Kim brings balance to my body. 

One of the greatest discoveries was prompted by my shift in perspective about beauty. I am learning about Inner Beauty, something that will sustain me with grace and elegance as a woman for the rest of my life. 

No longer stuck, I now have a sense of new direction and the will to embrace it.

Notes From Georgia Williams, Lc.E., Lc. HBDI

A woman recreating herself beyond the child bearing years is seeking a new path for “self” in the midst of great change in available resources to accomplish the task. It is a woman’s “nature” that is insisting, even when her willingness meets her own resistance and sometimes rebellion. This fork in the road opens a path that is unfamiliar. At its best, we are delivered freshly prepared into the unknown. 

It can be difficult to associate with another woman in our “usual ways” with our individual identities powered up in the need for change and closure on our unfinished business. We are calling for a refreshed and revitalized version of ourselves to be born. 

Our ability to communicate within societies narrow perceptions on the matter center on hot flashes and hormones that occasionally produce near crazy behaviors. My journey and that of many of the women I see in the Med Spa opens a different perspective and a path to be our best. 

It is our place in history that begs us to be the generations of Yin energy that cuts away the unimportant and expose new truths. We “know” our bodies will be changed with the climate like no other time in history. There is a responsibility, our contribution to life’s sustainability. It is important we identify with the Spirit of great courage and fortitude living in women of our times. Your “gifts” are recognized and written into the earth elements with honor and flow in the greatness of it’s being.

Green Acupuncture and Med Spa                                                                           

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Quote From Georgia Williams


Simply .......

"Effective use of "plant power" in essential oils requires using its context. So do you. Both require the Breath of Life."

“Putting your heart first with conscious effort behind the commitment is essential for achieving anything worthy of your life.  It is what holds the pieces together in the midst of great change. “

- Georgia Williams

"Heart first Volunteering is the highest expression of love for humanity and  respect for life."

Georgia Williams

About Acupuncture and Med Spa Care

You are accessing nature’s aligning power to health and well being as described in the richness of earth’s history by those carrying forth fathoms of knowledge only now being born in reductionistic thinking. 

History will be written of our generations as those who elevated themselves to be more than only the “Privileged Chosen Few.”

Something No One Can Do For You

The Power Is In Your Choice

- Georgia Williams

OCD, Anxiety and Depression


Patient Interview with Nick F. From Johns Creek

I found Green Acupuncture a bit over a month ago as I was searching for strong alternatives for OCD, anxiety, and depression after a general appendectomy (my first surgery). I healed just fine physically, but for some reason mentally recovering was more challenging.  I was falling apart and not able to truly enjoy much of anything that I have always enjoyed. 

I was suffering from debilitating intrusive thoughts, hopelessness, guilt, everything the opposite of the good side. I really did not want to take any type of medicine from the pharmacy so I decided to try alternative routes and when I came across Green Acupuncture I knew I had to get in touch with them. 

Dr. Kim and Georgia have been life-savers and tremendously helpful in this process of getting back to the positive, happy guy I was before (even better than before actually). They take such a specific approach to your situation and literally have a full drawn out plan. It isn’t something where you go in and say “I have this problem” and they write you some prescription and send you on your way. 

After about 6 treatments, I am feeling much better. I begin to feel calmer again, sleep better at night, focus more, and dismiss intrusive thoughts without much entertainment to them. I fully trust them and their plan for me, so it is very comforting going to my appointments knowing that they are making sure I continue to get better. 

I truly cannot say enough about this place, I really do feel so much better from treatment, like night and day.

Seasonal Care Interview


Anthony A. of Duluth GA

The Message Accompanying Anthony’s Edits to the Interview 

Morning Georgia, 

I have made some modifications. I am proud to have this as an example of your's and Dr. Kim's genuine reviews for your Seasonal Care. I am looking forward to January 9th for a new year, new acupuncture, and an even healthier, active, thriving, awake 2018. 

Thank you for everything, I owe you and Dr. Kim more then I feel I could ever repay with mere dollars and cents. Thank you for enabling me to realize my calling and helping me to recover back into that goal amidst dreary situations. 

Happy holidays and safe journeys,

Anthony A…….

The Interview

I began seeing Dr. Kim and Georgia in July, 2016. I have experienced improvements in many aspects of my health and sense of well being as well as later recovering from an auto accident. Though I could speak to my experience then, my purpose here is to focus on the Seasonal Care for Autumn 2017. I participated in the entire recommended course of treatment. It is now December; my gains have been boundless. I am already scheduled and looking forward to Seasonal Care for Winter, 2017. 

My work can be somewhat dangerous because of the ease in one’s ability to lose balance and fall due to the condition of the floors. Surrounded in close quarters by stainless steel, results can be anything from cuts, burns, concussions to stitches. These prevailing work conditions made me very aware of my improved reaction time. This improved connection to awareness and my coordination was noticeable to my managers.

I have better-established grounding, improved agility as well as resiliency and endurance. Again, this was observed by myself and my manager. As a result, my status and recognition on the job have been elevated. I was given new responsibilities.

The importance of being well grounded, agile, resilient, enduring, well balanced and coordinated goes far beyond my work. I am a mixed-martial artist. Though I find great enjoyment in the martial arts and yoga, I had lost focus and found myself spending less and less time in Practice. Like too many in this age of pocket technology, my time was being spent on video games and watching shows.

At Georgia’s direction, I took to the forest with my yoga mat and the essential oil Courage. Mind you, I don’t even like Autumn when I say my ability to breathe, willingness to just be and my drive to change the relationship with myself into something greater than I have known are some of the benefits I have experienced. That day in the forest opened a door of transformations carrying me through the Autumn season into spectacular results.

For example, I minimized PC/TV time and went back to my Practice. Feeling motivated, I increased my time on the mat. Transitioning from 3-4 breaths to 9-10 breaths in yoga. I achieved getting far deeper into the poses then I normally would. I give my all to my mixed-martial arts 2-3 times per week. If you are participating in any of these Practices, you will understand when I say that Seasonal Care is the fastest route to grasping and understanding the mastery of slow is fast

My dry skin is gone, the bags under my eyes subsided, there is a significant reduction in what have been minor facial break-outs” and the depth I am able to reach within my yoga poses are like never before in my comfortable skin.

I have a renewed strength that has enabled me to rebalance a toxic relationship that I know would not have been dealt with easily. This is one of many relationships with myself and others that in the past rested in a pattern of procrastination and at times a lack of decisiveness. 

This has been by far the best season for me. I feel more centered and inspired to thrive instead of just survive. I feel a limitless drive towards what is needed; it is easier to move from wanting into planning and then action.

Currently, I attend University as a health science major. My goal is to become a Doctor of Oriental Medicine. Full-time school and full-time employment (40+ hours per week) is a challenge, yet my grades are on top. Dr. Kim’s has recovered my gut to more efficiently digesting food. The treatment plan continues to heal, energize and deliver a new level of awareness that is delivering me to living better than ever - Carpe Diem!.

Update Spring 2018 - Interview 7/20/18 


“I can’t imagine going without Seasonal Care.”

I began my pilgrimage towards optimal health and wellness with Dr. Kim in July 2016 and received my first Med Spa treatment in November 2016. I seriously engaged Seasonal Care beginning last Autumn, 2017.

Life keeps getting better. This is the first Spring that my health has not dissolved in a about $80 a month worth of Zertex and a host of other “over the counters” that had minimal effects on my allergies and asthma. Georgia spring is usually my worst season. I approach this season with feelings of dread. 

This is the first Spring in my memory that I was able to spend time outdoors and actually enjoyed being out creating my life the way I dreamed it should be. I was not able to accomplish three goals; however, what I did accomplish was beyond my expectations.

I was able to purchase my first automobile. Without fear of becoming sickly, I purchased a convertible. Here it is July and I am having the time of my life. No coughing, no sneezing or the typical watering eyes. 

I moved into a new residence that esthetically supports my need to have a relationship with nature. This fulfilled a deep longing for me. Unfortunately, the new residence had black mold. I was exposed to black mold previously. It took my health away for a long period of time. My down time included pneumonia. 

This time I started to get sick; however, in a new way. I will also state that i believe that is was seasonal care that enabled me to be able to bounce back from the mold so quickly. 

I was undaunted. Confident in Dr. Kim’s care, I did not run out of the place as most people with my history would. In a protracted effort to get the remedy for the kitchen area, I still handled it. I did not lose the ground that would ultimately make me happy. Symptoms disappeared very quickly with a few appointments. That is a miracle for a asthma/allergy sufferer. 

For me to say what I have said in the previous paragraphs is monumental.

- Maintaining family relationships - noticeably improved

- Nurturing Romantic Interest - Yikes! Its Spring in my refreshed me. 

- Let go a negativity on many fronts and feeling a freedom to explore the moments in my life.

- I am balancing school as an adult learner with A grades and new employment that has put an overload of demands on me and yet I am still in high level functioning. That includes finding myself appreciating people.

Let me recap my my Spring expansion - Experiencing a new level of health and well being, a new car, a new residence, a better job, A grades, better relationships with family and a romantic interest ( previously interested, however, not so much willingness to try). 

I recommend you follow the complete Seasonal Care Recommendations from Dr. Kim and Georgia to get the kind of living you though you might never achieve.

Seasonal Care Interview


Detron B. from Atlanta, GA

The process of working with Dr. Kim and Georgia in Seasonal Care Autumn 2017 has equipped me with an “enabling toolkit” to build a quality of life that supports my health and well being. Not because they said so; it is about doing and being myself. The best description is core empowerment.

Several years of health challenges made it very apparent that I needed to make some changes. I thought I had my stress handled. I thought I knew how to relax. Worse, because of the health factor it represents, I thought I knew what being relaxed is. 

I was diagnosed with a disorder that has no “cure” and given a daily prescription drug with the warning that it may lead to an injectable prescription for managing the condition. I went from the diagnosis to immediately presenting the problem to Dr. Kim. I am happy to say the matter was resolved with the treatments and newly gained support I am describing here in this interview. 

My health is stabilized to a point that the only time I require the prescription drug is when I have little control over my diet. Mainly when I travel and then it is half of what was prescribed and intermittently. 

New Vision

I see now, moving through Autumn 2017 Seasonal Care, the many steps since January 2016 with Dr. Kim and Georgia have brought me full circle in rejuvenating my health and well being. The brain fog has lifted. It is liberating to learn who I am from a deeper inner core of clarity. To be empowered to define, move within, and give better expression of myself in concrete ways is a whole other level of awareness and living for me. 

I am better able to “think on my feet” and embrace new opportunities. I am “caught - off- guard” without a well-structured reply in common experience far less often.

Implementation Did Not Come with a Single Appointment

On the first appointment, there was the shower filter that ended the war covering my whole body. Then all the mini steps accompanying acupuncture and herbal medicine, the checklists and time spent with Georgia that taught me to manage stress and build a healthier LifeStyle. I now have a better means for discerning genuine from the counterfeit in personal care. I can draw on a host of newly learned ways of being in harmony with myself and the natural world.

Planning comes easier. What I have implemented during this time is impressive. Learning is one thing, planning another and implementing and reaping the benefits is another matter. I have a better grasped on the way forward.

Continuing to work with the Courage essential oil blend through this Autumn season energized me with an ease that allows me a freedom to let go of the old way of being that no longer serve me. I am finding a new strength in my decision-making process. I see that questions posed in earlier treatment plans link to the “Autumn’s 2017 questions” is a greater pattern of step-by-step support. Without the brain fog, choices with much better outcomes are more readily apart of my awareness. I have greater courage to go beyond hoping and wishing in my life. I have more courage to take actions.

Relax before meant going home and doing more and more. I am making better choices. Choices I could not see before. I am able to reach for a level of relaxation that was not part of my previous experience. 

The outdoor autumn season no longer appears to be a flat picture painted in a book to me. I see now how disconnected/discontinued I was. I experience everyday visually with a different awareness that feels fresh and connected. It was not like that before; I just went to work and came home to more work (what I thought was relaxing). Now I see there is a world that is alive and nourishing with vibrant colors. Something more than words can describe. I am no longer missing an amazing slice of real life.

Over the years, I have traveled with a group of friends often enough so I know some of their habits. They come with a bathroom counter full of lotions, potions, and remedies that cover challenges from their appearance to aging. When we meet socially, they frequently speak of getting laser, botox etc. and product after products in an endless line of big financial investments. I see their income leaving with fleeting results to show for it. 

Me, I continue to receive compliments on my appearance. I travel with a very small travel kit. I see Dr. Kim and I see Georgia in the Med Spa about every 6 weeks or so for a acupuncture and facial in-between Seasonal Care( once a Quarter). I also noticed, as I looked back on my Facebook photos, that I have gone through a transformation. I keep looking better and better.

Autumn - Gather Your Chi


Article by Georgia Williams

I found it difficult to translate “gather chi” into my too often industrial mind. My ordinary experience is a world built on “toxic levels measured on tolerance.” As I have mentioned before, I seriously question this willingness to allow/regulate toxicity based on a human being measured and fitted into toxicity scales one substance at a time. Who is adding up all the tolerances and saying - that is enough?

That which you focus on expands. Focus, naturally feeds more energy to the subject. The roots of Oriental Medicine is life fiercely focusing on the natural world to gain knowledge on how to be. Learning from the consummate engineer has its advantages; sustainable to humans and the planet being very relevant.  So what are the enablers in Seasonal Change that promote the gathering of Chi? What actions will fill my Chi account? 

As I earnestly pursue Oriental Medicines Seasonal Care/Earth Care for Well Being plan through the years, the perspective becomes more clear. “Earnest” being the key word here as toxicity (body-mind-spirit) can be hard to ditch when prevailing interests have less care about things beyond tolerances. When I wake-up in the morning, my eyes open to the words I am Love (my earnest in direction spelled out) handwritten by me on the ceiling in my sea of synthetics and petroleum-based tolerances called paint. I found that to be true of the earth too. 

The earth is earnest in the direction it spins your healthy cells, the well being, beauty and strength it delivers daily to our lives - it is pure love asking for our greater awareness. It is a process of persistence. The real nature in you never gives-up and neither should you, even in these days that are clouded in the breakdown of the industrial era, also called climate change. 

As I look back It is a collection of experiences that brought me to the point of writing this article for you. On one of my early trips to China, there was an exquisite experience that I can only take to a magnitude of heart and mind now, this Autumn in 2017. Perhaps my story will help you better see the horizon on your sea of synthetics and petroleum-based tolerances and move you onto a better understanding of “Gathering Chi” on the Seasonal Change Chart.

I was traveling China in a car with true world-class athletes of the art; young and up-incoming Kung Fu Masters. We were spinning on a continuous curve around and around a mountain. The passenger side of the car (me) was against the mountain. I do mean against on this narrow single lane road that supports traffic in two directions complete with cliffhangers. 

My eyes became riveted on the mountain that displayed luminous colors beyond anything I have ever experienced. I was so filled and uplifted to a point of splendor that tears rolled down my eyes. 

So consciously stretched in the experience that took millions of years to build, I did not assign meaning to all that happened in China. I have learned through “life experience” nature can take you on a journey in ‘chunk experiences" and then link them into a vista of authentic knowledge that can be validated from ancient to modern times. Here is the ancient and the modern link. 

The axis of the earth tilts in such a way during Autumn that the interplay between light and color (energy/vibration) is in a fluid flow like no other time of the year. The environment is shifting away from summer fire (expansion). The snapping of cold metals (stay in the metaphor) in the atmosphere forms gateways rendering harvest celebrations delivered into the eyes; it spreads into the body’s eco-environment nourishing you and me and the earth itself. It is earth’s gifts enabling one of the means of gathering Chi into the complex yet simple systems of the body. Autumn is as the crescendo in so many other aspects of life’s procreation and…….

And then moments later nature drops this glorious nourishment and recognition of our nature and true needs to the ground. The dropping lingers, varying from one by one procession to flurries of leaves, cones, seeds, and dead branches. Our eyes move from looking up through soft majestic sun rays and vibrant colors contrast to looking downward into the earth only to see this color show fade. Downward eyes, witness how the earth enables a satisfying joy in renewing the living elements of the earth. 

With all parts registered down into earth’s accounting system, a new fiscal year is launched. This recycling par excellence supports supplies to our bodies with earth elements require for us to live. 

Autumn marks the livingness and value available in the motion of contraction (a gathering of Chi) so that we can continue to live long and live well. Autumn feeds us the richness of harvest’s power to transition us into Winter’s barren vision. We are directed to the newly created spaces (absence spaces from what was dropped in Autumn); to incubate our creativity so that we can then shift and expand in Spring. 

It is the natural order. It is the action of what is unconditional in "I am love. I am loved. We are loved." I was looking at millions of years of “this promise kept” in the China mountains. Nothing in nature’s engineering is wasted or damaging pollution. We are interconnected and interdependent with the earth to succeed. Will you leave your home and office to gather Chi (fill your account for 2018)?

One aspect of gathering Autumn Chi is presenting ourselves in a state of asking and receiving. We must in our own way, just as Chinook Indians in their Psalters along with many many cultures and beliefs through the ages and now in the modern world with Biomimicry (taught at GA Tech and other Universities) is to ask nature to - teach us and show us the way. 

I encourage you to leave your toxic toys to spend or make leisure time in the best of nature. Looking around, we truly have little excuse here in Georgia. 

Come to the Med Spa and have your compromised barrier rejuvenated; see Dr. Kim to strengthen your systems. 

Now is the beginning of nature’s fiscal year. Gather Chi.

LifeStyle - Living with ALS


Patient Interview


Green Acupuncture and Med Spa

Patient Interview: Hunter V.

When facing the prevailing thoughts about ALS, it is important to have other things working in your favor. One, your own “open” mind. And two, a team that is willing to search as hard as love does for the answers. My wife did the research and found Dr. Kim and Georgia. She delivers love’s answers into my life. In the case of ALS, she opened a path of great personal growth and a quality of life. Here are some of my insights. 


I began working with Dr. Kim and Georgia in September of 2015. I do mean working. There is nothing passive about their care or the engagement required on my part. I see them twice a week and Georgia stays in touch, delivering inflection points via text. The time and efforts are spent shaping a “new life” for me.


The impact of my willingness and their care supports my ability to create a refreshed look into life “differently.” It is a process. Here is a glimpse of shaping Dr. Kim and Georgia has unfolding in my “differently” life. 

They have designed and structure an ever evolving plan (not static) that allows me to fulfill my will, dedication and discipline to feel better and make new choices. I actively build and retain daily memories of well being. And, especially important I am willing to be successful in ways that are new to me and deeply rewarding.


What Shaping In Action Looks Like 

Keep in mind all the following arrives to me from two people in one place, Green Acupuncture and Med Spa. Freshly served means I experience/revisit what is on the list multiple times; however, Dr. Kim and Georgia guides me with a fresh treatment, fresh perspective and/or adding the next step to the process/technique. They both work strategically with “timing.” 

There are many ways to heal and get better.

-Acupuncture and the other modalities Dr. Kim delivers - freshly served

-Med Spa Seasonal Building - freshly served

-Means to step out of industrial based thinking/products - freshly served

-Breathing techniques - freshly served

-Stretching techniques - freshly served

-Stress Management - freshly served

-Learning to meditate - freshly served

-Knowledge of how to leverage Seasonal Change - freshly served

-Fragrance Therapy - freshly served

-Whole Brain Thinking - freshly served

-Brain Gym - freshly served

-Expansions on nutrition - freshly served

-Using music to shape - freshly served

-Recommended reading - freshly served

-Strategically delivered impactful quotes - freshly served

-Rare to common man insightful perspectives about the body that uplift me  freshly served

-Realization of a personal horizon line and how to use it - freshly served

-Learning how to step past “impossible” - freshly served

- Building awareness, insights and the power of motivation around “little things” - Really into this now so less guidance is needed!!!!

-Growing and deepening appreciation of the natural world - Really into this now so less guidance is needed!!!!

-Choices in life that I never considered & the means whereby I can empower implementation - freshly serve 

-Creating impossible goals that I actually fulfill - freshly served

-Creating a better life/work balance - If its to be, its up to me! 

What the List Looks Like in Action

I thought the only way tomorrow could be lived was by limiting myself between my home and my job. I grieved the great loss of road trips taking me to the good times visiting my family and friends in South Georgia and Miami. It was out of the question. The weaknesses in body, mind and spirit had weakened the connections to a level of wishful thinking about the people and places that gave life meaning, strength and a sense of well being.  

Yes, that would have been my reality if my direction was held solely in the ALS hopelessly breaking down model. Life gets different when you are building a body and shaping a LifeStyle in Classical Oriental Medicine. The thought of the day, everyday is “you can do this.” So I did.


In 2017 my “bold and fearless goal” was a road trip to see my family in South Georgia for Thanksgiving. So I did. That was only the beginning. In 2018 I had multiple visits with family this past year. I also drove to Miami to hang out with my old friends. It was like back in the day before ALS. Words no longer are adequate here to describe how I feel.

Achieving my big goals has given me the will to go and do more “little things.” My “daily add” compared to my life without the benefit of Dr. Kim and Georgia, has brought me dimensional strength and previously unrecognized rewards.  

My Outlook

It seems there are uncanny breakthroughs when you are “sick” and building your body that you would likely never achieve or even give a thought to when you were “well.” Life becomes dramatically less when the focus is on “you are hopelessly finished.” My outlook on hopeless is - why waste your time there? My path is actively being part of the strong support system in my family and friends with hope built on wisdom of the ages translated into intelligent action. This is priceless. 

More Choices

I have opened to the greater abundance of what is available on earth and its life giving forces. Previously, my diet was colorfully very narrow. We dubbed this Beige Food Syndrome; something I have since overcome. Rainbow trout never gonna happen! Salmon, no way! Now, my wife and I share new culinary experiences including fish. This used to reside in her lifetime of wishful thinking. This kind of shaping comes over time, focused efforts and building dynamic interactions within all the previously mentioned modalities. Choice is a very powerful thing.

Also key, I have learned not to take any present moment of weakness in my body as the final say. Through Seasonal Building and the other structures created for me to step into, I have learned to take what appears to be “a set-back as a step-back only to come-back” and often moving forward with new strengths and endurance.

None of this is to say my life is without Highs and Lows that Come My Way. What is different now is that I do not stay stuck in them and my ability to balance comes quicker.

Dr. Kim and Georgia

Dr. Kim does not gives up. You know that without a doubt from the beginning. He transfer his committed stance into usable space inside you. I especially appreciate the ways he solicits feedback on the treatments he provides. He continues to “fine tunes” what he does. He is always looking to “get more” out of treatments for me. He continues to search in his field for medical reviews to gain any new treatment insights.

In alignment with the key philosophy of “listening to your body,” Dr. Kim and Georgia respect “my choices.” They remain undaunted in their efforts to help me attain a quality of life, health and well being with all my decisions.

I have to “get ready” to meet with Georgia. Her weekly challenges have over time evolved (not forced) into appropriating the Iron Man in me. She offers pathways into different opportunities and directions to move in. Well versed and authoritative in multiple fields gathered from global references built over a life-time, she aligns her treatment plans closely with Dr. Kim moving my systems together into better balance. Georgia clearly makes it easier to move forward than it is to stand still.


There is no doubt 2019 will be filled with the needed support and new LifeStyle additions. Its December and already happening. I am about to create a new relationship with earth and the Wood Element. I just ordered the recommended Aromatic Cedar replacement cane. My 2018 synthetic foam is being retired. 

When I need it, I know I am going to hear a familiar drill sergeant kinda’ command with a joyful twist like “You can do this Hunter! Let’s take this ramp” whereby the rhythm of my gait swiftly change to full speed ahead. Engaging the challenge of subtle possibilities in the moment, a simple move from my car to the treatment is sparked with reminders to experience releasing my inertia. And then, there is Dr. Kim’s steady hand and calmness. 


I go to appointments because my spirit is nourished and I physically, mentally, and emotionally feel better after treatment. I get around better than when I walked in. The LifeStyle I have been building with Dr. Kim and Georgia’s guidance feeds health and well being in ways that would be hard to find elsewhere.

This is what makes my ALS experience like no other.

Recovering a Crushed Triathlon Body


Patient Interview - Joe from Dalonega, GA

I thought I knew deliberate unspeakable searing pain. I have lived in the depths of losses most people can not bare and the ultimate highs in success many dreams of and never attain. I have willfully gathered “self-intent” to break all limitations in grueling competitions with the “best of the best.” While I have your imagination about my life, hold that thought as you read my story after attaining #3 in the United States’ Triathlon Competition.

On December  8, 2015, my life went dark after a two-story plunge face down into a mass of ground rubble with a major tree truck strapped to my back. They used a chainsaw to get what was left of my body out of the hole I put myself into.

My stealth body shattered; I was still almost alive with a head trauma, a broken collarbone, broken ribs, two in-operable spinal compression fractures and a blunt forced collapsed lung. Though technically not dead, by most standards not alive either.

The First 45 Days

My limits began with “wiggle toes and assisted with labored breathing.” The gates of hell opened for the first 4 days of my hospital stay. In addition to all the medical issues from the fall, I lived in blindly misdirected actions on the part of the doctors. Misunderstood by the staff, my ghastly hallucinations were driven by unsupervised withdrawal from anxiety medications I had been on as a result of a protracted and highly volatile divorce process.

I was released from the hospital via ambulance in a back brace and a chest tube to an Atlanta trauma center where yet another set of misdirected events occurred. After being repeatedly held in a state of anesthesia, I contracted pneumonia followed by a Staph Infection. By this time I had internally given-up, surrendered, over and done. There was no point to the ties that bound my body to the bed. 

Then I remember a split instance of a weird dream; I was fighting on the front lawn of a church. Totally unpredicted, I began tearing my arms lose and ripping the tubes and needles out of my body. I was discharged with “Paranoia” on a Power of Attorney to my parents.

My internal clock was lost. My sense of time was distorted. My memory was greatly impacted. What the pain meds didn’t do, the fluctuations and lost memory left me in a brain fog and dysfunctional in my attempts to participate in rebuilding my life.

Lost at Home

Progressing from bed to wheelchair to walker, I then began physical therapy. I tried to help my self at times with the same single-mindedness I had preparing for the Triathlons. I say “at times” because I was lacking mental stability. I knew self-help and the right people around me were key if I was to recover. 

I would not have made it through this time without the support of my family. Particularly, my mother. She made-up the shortfall day-in-and-day-out. Mom took care of my needs and always believing and encouraging my abilities to live once again.

The A-Team Arrives

I have weekly Chiropractic care to help my mobility issues. At my Chiropractor’s suggestion, looking further for the right combination to attain greater recovery, on March 8, 2016, I also began seeing Dr. Kim two times per week and Georgia every 20 days.

Undaunted by what was clearly a very broken man, they simply went to work. To sum up, my condition that first day; I spread all the cash I had in my pocket out on the counter after treatment. Georgia had to help me figure out how to pay. 

Pain medications disturbed life night and day. Sleeping was a challenge. Time remained a blur; I found it difficult to keep track of everything. My brain fog remained. 

Interludes of paranoia arrived like weather fronts. I had to find new ways of structuring my day to move forward without creating all the chaos for myself and those around me. The most broken part of my life, I was not allowed to see my 6-year-old son alone. 

It is through God’s grace, my stubborn persistence and drawing on the skills of this team that my abilities to function at higher levels began to return from a place of dysfunctional gloom.

It is now November 2016. Though I still have a way to go, I am off pain medications. The brain fog has lifted and my sense of time is restored. My first steps on a treadmill in September are now a slight intermittent jog.

The hump on my back is dissipating. I am beginning to have feeling back in what has been a void in my back since the accident. I am back running my company.

The focus continues to be the strengthening of my core, repair of my organ functions, repair of my nervous system, improved range of motion and pain management.

At the time this interview is being published (December 2016) I will have put a year behind me and the accident. Late summer and autumn included open water fishing with choppy bumpy waves and little to no pain, Kayaking, hiking in N Georgia Mountains and walking forever on Halloween from house to house with my son.... all priceless.

And this year, I will be home for Christmas!

Comments from Dr. Kim and Georgia

Though we have taken one of the leading roles in rebuilding Joe, the level of our success is made possible through the team effort. Meaning all the prayers, Joe’s commitment, Joe’s family, Joe’s Chiropractor, Dr. Kim, Georgia, and many supporting people that have stepped into Joe’s life post-accident. 

It all counts! 

“I happy to say, Joe is coming along nicely.” - Dr. Sam Kim

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)


Patient Interview - Wades Mother

Q. What caused you to seek medical care with Green Acupuncture and Med Spa?

A.  My my now 13 year old son has had a long history of a poor immune system, chronic sinus infections, restless leg syndrome, epilepsy, has had 10 bouts of pneumonia, two of which he was hospitalized, chronic ear infections, chronic migraines, ocular migraines, reflux, cyclic vomiting, Pediatric Autoimmune Disorder Associated with Strep, asthma, MRSA and now issues with OCD. He has had 3 sets of Eustachian tubes, adenoidectomy, 3 sinus surgeries, several broken bones and very low vitamin D levels as well as very low serum ferritin levels. I took him to the Mayo Clinic in 2014. He was also then diagnosed as having a malfunction of the Autonomic Nervous System. 

One of my friends that knows about my son and all his conditions was telling me about her grandson. He was treated for asthma at the Green Acupuncture and Med Spa. Her grandson had to use his inhaler on a daily basis, and since seeing Dr. Kim, he no longer needs albuterol.

I knew if I took my son to his pediatrician for his O.C.D. she would send him to a psychiatrist. The psychiatrist would likely prescribe him Zoloft or something similar. Since we’ve already been down this same road when my son was in First Grade, I wasn’t willing to add another pharmaceutical drug to his list. Based on Wades history that choice appeared to likely lead to hospital stay number 11. I decided we would give Dr. Kim a try. 

Since Wade was hospitalized with MERSA he has been miserable, thinking about certain things being contaminated. Things that might be contaminated change from day to day. He is not my carefree child like he was last school year. He lives in fear; not a good place to be. It has been two months since the first appointment with Dr. Kim and Georgia.

Q. Wade began treatment in September 2016. What has changed and what have you learned?

A . My son began treatment in September 2016 and is still seeing Dr. Kim and Georgia. My son and I have both learned a great deal about Eastern medicine. It is remarkable that Dr. Kim can engage what appears to be simple diagnostics like looking into a patient’s eyes, looking at one’s tongue and feeling their pulse and can tell you what is going on, without looking at that patient’s medical history. Dr. Kim first said that my son’s immune system needed to be worked on before he could address anything else. That was the starting point. 

My son has been great at taking the Chinese herbs twice a day and they have greatly improved his immune system as well as receiving acupuncture treatments twice a week. 

Wade just got his report card last week. In the history of my son going to school since he was 2 years old up until this year in 7th grade he has always had absences. Lots and lots of absences! Enough absences for a 504 plan for school so that he would not be held back and could get the help he would need to keep up in school. He did not miss one single day this entire school quarter and has not been sick. That is a miracle! 

My son absolutely loves having a Med Spa treatment with Miss Georgia. He feels like a million dollars after one of her treatments and looks forward to having the next one. 

Georgia has helped me with hints on how to empower my son. For example, when his OCD took over and created a contaminated dinner table (it was clean) like so many mothers, I found myself accommodating to his need. Unfortunately, this meant I was cleaning chairs and tables with OCD metrics. With a hint, I shifted the responsibility to Wade. He began cleaning the table and chair himself. 

After a few times cleaning, he no longer has an issue that it is not clean. However, he knows it is in his own power to make sure the dinner table is clean enough for himself. 

Since coming to Green Acupuncture and Med Spa, my son has been able to “self- correct” his habits on the need for having a germ free environment and is also able to do this at a faster rate. 

For several weeks one of his prized possessions, his mini iPad, was thought it to be contaminated. After one acupuncture treatment for anxiety, the first thing he did when he got in the car to go home was to get out his Ipad and play on it. I was shocked and very happy that he was doing an activity that he had once enjoyed.

When my son first started therapy, his hands were full of sores because of his constant hand washing, use of baby wipes and antibacterial gels. In a short time with Dr. Kim addressing his immune system and anxieties and use of a special hand spray made just for Wade; constant trips to the restroom ceased. When his OCD has a momentary flare-up he simply applies a light spray to his hands and moves on with the day. It is so much better than constantly washing his hands and the long distracted stays in the restroom. His hands now look like normal hands. Wade also started to think that his mouth was contaminated. He was leaving water on the lower part of his mouth. His lips were splitting. After yesterday’s acupuncture treatment and talking with Dr. Kim as well as Georgia’s advice on a certain lip treatment to help heal his lips, my son has stopped leaving water dripping off his face and his cracked lip is healing. That is amazing! Resolved and moving forward is an OCD blessing.

I have asked my son if he thinks this therapy is working. He says “yes “ and that he wants to continue. As his mom, of course, I want him to feel better. It is not up to me to decide what is making his anxiety better; he can only answer that one. My son says that Dr. Kim and Georgia are making him feel better and that his “worries” are not as bothersome. He loves going to see them and he is healthy and his “worries” are steadily getting easier for him to manage. 

The boundaries for Wade's recovery have been lifted. I look forward to writing the next update as Wade goes forward in a healthcare plan I wish he had years ago.

Wade's Mother

Note: It is in the best interest of our patient to find a balance between presenting authentically as possible who our Patient is and at the same time protect his identity. We always ask anyone participating in LifeStyle Patient Interviews to be willing to speak with someone requesting further information about their experience. 

There was no customary interview. Wade’s mother left with two questions and then wrote the answers you are seeing here. Georgia just tweaked a little!

Root Cause Correction - Erectile Dysfunction


It takes reaching deeply into your courage to make a decision to be treated for male erectile failure. Left in the less than optimal state of performance to no state of performance, is a suffering for which there a few words.

From the roots of this expanding dysfunction, many fractures ripple through a man. Compounding effects roll through his life. Nothing is left untouched between himself in body, mind and spirit and all in his exterior relationships.

Simply said, he loses his natural composure for living to daily painful distraction and instability.

I would like to invite you to transform your world. The goal is to rejuvenate your natural male composure in a way that is authentic and empowering for a peaceful existence within yourself.

This is not a super juice-up. It will require following my recommendations using the resources in Oriental Medicine to acquire your self back. What I can say is, I know what is possible for you.

There is three main reason for Erectile Dysfunction. One is excessive stress and overworking. Inadequate kidney function is another(storing Essence and governing birth, growth and reproduction). A third factor is Qi - blood stagnation effecting Qi and blood circulation.

You have a personal version unique to your systems in a widely held condition. I will address your condition recognizing you, not a national statistical version of you pounded into place.

To own yourself I must create a treatment plan that builds harmony in body strength that will open the repair for that which is enduring and enriching. Treatment plans address sexual dysfunction, reduced sex drive, soft erections, trouble getting an erection, trouble maintaining an erection and anxiety.

Call the office today; let us get started on a better life. 

Dr. Sam Kim

LifeStyle - Reaching Deeper into Chronic Pain


Interview with Andrea J. of Johns Creek, GA

Q. What caused you to seek medical care at Green Acupuncture and Med Spa?

A.  It began with my inability to comfortably rotate my head in any direction. A chronic condition; by year 5 and continuing into year 6 I fluctuated between severe to acute pain. My sleep deprivation compounded issues; I would awaken in pain anytime I moved. The idea of picking anything up was unthinkable. I had a fine Western doctor who immediately began pain management - Cortisol Injections 

Unfortunately, during the last year and half, the effectiveness of the injections diminished. I reached a crisis point when the injections only minimized pain for a week or two. 

I went through a round of Physical Therapy. This improved the level of my pain provided I remained on prescription painkillers.

Due to safety limits on injections and prescription drugs, this course of action was no longer recommended and the next alternative loomed on the horizon.

The alternative offered: Burn the nerves.

I would not consider this alternative for two reasons:

  • As a young woman, the lingual nerve in my mouth was severed during the extraction of my wisdom teeth. The nerve did not fully regenerate. I have spent my lifetime troubled during seasonal change with nerve conditions flaring up in my mouth.

  • I was advised “burning the nerve in my neck” would likely result in temporary relief. The greatest odds were that the nerve would grow back; maybe a year at the most. This recommendation locked chronic pain in my future.

My previous dental experience made it known and understood all too well the nerve could regenerate incorrectly and cause more problems than I already had for the rest of my life. 

The months prior to beginning treatment with Dr. Kim, I simply would get into bed and not move until morning. Though I tried to minimize this, I frequently took painkillers.

My family is very active. Skiing is a top choice for vacations. I spent very little time on the slopes and when I did ski it was a very painful short-lived experience lacking the fun I used to have. The experience required my painkillers.

Moving Beyond Chronic Pain

Q. You began treatment in January of 2014 and went into Maintenance in June of 2014.  What had changed and what have you learned?

A.  My condition was getting worse. My husband did some research and suggested I see Dr. Kim. My reply to him was, “I don’t believe in that, it is not medicine.”

Faced with the lack of acceptable choices, I agreed with my “non-believing self” to try it. After suffering many years and attempting various western approaches, I know a great deal about my internal systems from the wide range of testing completed by previous doctors. 

In the first appointment with Dr. Kim, in what appears to be nothing much (I only know he examined of my tongue and wrists) going on and in a brief period of time; he delivered a comprehensive consultation that reflected the results of what I already knew from the years of medical appointments and therapies been through. This was very impressive. 

With the confidence built in the diagnostic experience, I moved forward, though that feeling faded in the conditioning of expectations for a quick fix that comes so easily after years of trying to get well. I was experiencing slow improvement seeing Dr. Kim two times per week; however, wanted to stop treatment. 

Mentally and emotionally I was drowning out anything positive about my progress. Around the 6th treatment, I went home and told my husband that I would continue for 10 treatments and then I stop. 10 treatments seemed reasonable as a means to give me and my husband satisfaction that I tried this “mystery to me” approach to Well Being and get me out of it; which was top of mind.

In my less than positive frame-of-mind, treatment 8 was the turning point. Though Georgia ’s orientation to Oriental Medicine, the Practice and the process for recovering my health included metaphors of “building a flywheel and the process of a Nautilus” I did not understand this perspective until I felt my body come back-up under me on treatment 8. I was grateful I did not give-way to the urges to quit.

The rebuild process took time and my commitment to let Dr. Kim guide me forward out of being anchored in life as a “patient with a chronic condition.” My trust in him has given me remarkable results. 

I am out of pain and have full movement. I can lift the 5-gallon water bottle without pain that was unthinkable before. On the last family outing to the ski slopes, I was actively enjoying myself from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. That is very different than an hour or two of skiing in pain on high doses of painkillers, which then extended over long periods of time to pay for the ski trip I did not enjoy to begin with.

I highly recommend Dr. Kim and Georgia. From the first phone call and follow-on from the time I walked through the door, I have been provided all the information I needed and answers to all the questions I have. Their Practice is genuine in their care of me. The maintenance plan keeps me balanced and enables me to be healthy and continue to be highly active in life with my husband and children.

We have a sauna at home. It is part of our lifestyle. The difference in my experience and the results in building my body’s eco-system with Georgia in the Med Spa is very distinct. Her focus to bring the very best therapies from around the world show in the results. Though directed by Dr. Kim complimentary to his acupuncture and herbal prescriptions for recovering Well Being, I appreciate the repair to my appearance and how enriched I feel in her rebuild of me. 

My bottom line, Dr. Kim and Georgia are an effective team. I trust them to keep me healthy and support my continued Well Being.

(770) 696 - 4714

Crowdsource on Aging


Article by Georgia Williams

It is not always the wisest use of energy to be "against" something. In our view, this would be the case with some of the popular "anti-aging" mindsets. It requires an exhausting amount of energy applied continuously in varying strengths to be against your body. A metaphor to help perceive this concept is a dam holding back the flow.

The body can not remain healthy when it is continually stressed by being perceived as a "problem to be solved." This is often coupled with orientations around aging that are intended to make it magically go away with chemical preservative approaches. Results are a build-up of blocks (excess heat, coldness, and stagnation) in the body. "Young - Youthful" momentarily glimmers only to have the body unravel in stress or even sickness. 

Too often the price for directing our lives this way is life itself.

Acupuncture and the therapies offered in the Med Spa orientates us into the actions of having something come into being, creation - ageless, ever renewing flow, the power of regeneration. 

As Robert Fritz wrote, "Notice that the intentions of these actions problem solving /go away and creation/come into being are opposite."

Acupuncture gives us the means whereby we can find balance and reach beyond the habit of trying to solve the problems of an aging body. We become fully supported in a safe framework to seek our abilities to self-heal. We are able to naturally release and flow connectivity to our always present power of regeneration inscribed in every cell blueprint of our body. We engage life creating. 

We are beginning to access nature's efficiency our sciences, once again with ever-greater clarity, in the Biomimicry.

Sustainability and global warming are intimately connected to your body's ability to maintain balance and regenerate. 

If we will but step-out of faulty assumptions and fears that makes poor decisions it can be a cycle wherein we can find our strengths and become stronger and healthier.

We recommend patients to stick with "crowdsourcing" of the ages, that which has lasted to benefit humanity over thousands of years, Acupuncture, Herbal formulas made specific to an individual (compound pharmacy) and the therapies offered in the Med Spa here at Green Acupuncture and Med Spa.

Grandpa says, "That's Going to KILL YOU!"


Patient Interview - Rebecca of Atlanta, GA

We cover LifeStyle in our Practice; giving patients the ways and means to take small steps that produce big results in maintaining eco-balance in their bodies. It is the opportunity to get to know our patients at a deeper level. It is enriching in both directions.

Rebecca is a lovely, smart, and business savvy Black-African woman under our care. She is tall with piercing big round eyes and easily creates a smile inside you. Her voice, well let us just say I would not want to take her to thunder level. I describe all this to create vivid colors in what I am about to write.

We talked about the reasons for getting a shower filter. The conversation began with LasVegas being the only city so far to remove chlorine from the entire city water system. This follows in line with other countries who have either removed or cut to fractional amounts of chlorine in their city water systems. The conversation framed the origins of chlorine being some of the first Chemical Warfare produced by the United States in World War II.

Then in a magical moment, remember Rebecca’s descriptives, she thundered, Yes! Grandpa said, “That will kill you.” With the living threads of Grandpa alive and well in Rebecca, my entire personhood stepped back from the moment with a Bang!. In my mind, I went to a child version of our patient being embraced by her Grandpa’s protective powers. I detected its spread over his beloved granddaughter like the roar the Fox Theater’s grand pipe organ! “Remember! Here, I am giving you part of your inheritance!” Even second-hand in the message chain, I got that. 

With a little more information from Rebecca, I found Grandpa was not being imaginative because he did not like the smell of chlorine, though that should be enough in an eco-balanced life to give most anyone clean intelligence. Grandpa was a chemist. 

Grandpa made my work easy with his grandchild. It did not take much; she got it. I drove home that evening taking delight in rush hour traffic (wow! imagine that) because it gave me time to be rich and satisfied with my memories of the day. I surely would take pleasure in meeting Grandpa too. He is the man in my book. And, I am also saddened in the same moment because its taken decades for his grandchild to apply “That Will Kill You” in a practical sense to everyday life. 

Grandpa’s hands were tied in his generation.  There is no blame factor for him or anyone in the industrial era. Now matters. Choice matters. What will it take to step into now? How many millions of professionals know right NOW that the first line of your immune system is the acid mantle of your skin - the largest organ of the body. 

How many millions of professionals know right NOW in order to maintain the function of the acid mantle of your skin/immune system it must maintain an average Ph range of 4.5 to 5.5? 

How many professionals know right NOW that chlorine strips the first line of your immune system, challenges the kidneys and liver and in certain condition will outright damage your lungs? 

What causes us in our unregulated industries to create body products that strip the eco-balance off our of our bodies and weaken our relationship with the earth?  Is it reasonable the think that in the midst of the illusion we are creating that we can fathom the reality of or put our intelligence to work on climate change when our skin/largest organ/cover for our organs/housing for sensory information has not a clue about the climate?

Are we stuck somewhere?

An aspect of Oriental medicine is keen observation. We observe where people are stuck and unstick them. Sometimes with no bigger than a single hair strategic sticking (acupuncture) to get them unstuck ( grin). Sometimes by presenting the internal golden fires of the herb Moxa. We unstick stuck systems internally and externally. Even when the gap/block is a generational stuck, we unstick them. We connect personal eco to the greater eco in precious oil blends, salts, and muds from around the world. We reestablish flow the majestic magnetics and in the purity of steam, magically, UNSTUCK happens! Yep, your stuck-ness is why we do what we do.

Don’t understand “generational stuck?” Rebecca moved forward and upward in the spiral of her inheritance; a Grandfather's love so great that his thunderous reminder, applicable to humanity, was heard here at Green Acupuncture and Med Spa and applied. I hope you love this version of our Blog Grandpa.

I have to ask. Yes, it's another crazy day. Will you continue not to know, not to have and never be what you can be with the Oriental approach to health and well being and real support from the natural world? What is your climate change strategy?

Our work is like electricity, you do not have to know how it works to benefit from the light connection to create an awesome life.  We build lives/families/wealth/teams with the edge used by Emperors and those identified as Leaders, Winners, Warriors, Commanders, the Unstoppable, Inventors, the Brilliant and those who "used to be stuck" and more in the ancient and modern world. 


Georgia Williams is a sought-after speaker. She represents Green Acupuncture and Med Spa at the Board Room Table, in Human Resource Departments, with Consultants wishing to collaborate and with the bright ones that just simply won't wait to empower their lives.

Acne’s Roots Removed


View From The Casket (Chest) of Traditional Chinese Medicine

The physiological links between the skin and the brain as well as the skin and internal organs have been the foundational framework for diagnostic protocol and treatment plans in traditional Chinese medicine for more than 3,000 years,. It appears Western science begins to confirm these relationships. Integrative sciences (linking many disciplines) newest discoveries uncover more about relationships between the body’s systems than the individual systems themselves.

January 2012 issue of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, researchers at the Stanford University School of Medicine in California were able to transform skin cell directly into brain cells, bypassing the stem cell stage further demonstrating fundamental physiology link between skin and the brain.

Douglas Fields, Ph.D., author of the book The Other Brain (Simon & Schuster, 2009), expresses the opinion that skin aging is not simply a cosmetic condition - it’s a highly informative marker of internal aging and health, including brain health. 

Both Professionals and consumers need to bring context to thinking and actions based on current research. With many chemicals admitted for use by the US Government prior to testing, we must examine how we are protecting the skin from inflammatory assault, not creating another “beauty machine or product” to inflict it. Our choices must offer protection to internal systems and organs, including the brain.

The Gap in Typical Western Treatments

There is a common pattern in the protocol used by most physicians for treating acne. Acne patients are given oral antibiotics, topical antibiotics and/or a choice of prescription retinoids to try. Sometimes benzoyl peroxide will be recommended. If those treatments fail, physicians will often recommend a cycle of isotretinoin. In many cases, the protocols leave the acne-suffer disappointed and frustrated.

Oral antibiotics for acne are at best a temporary solution. Research has shown that use of oral antibiotics has led to the development of resistant strains of Propionibacterium, acne’s bacteria. Acne expert James E. Fulton, MD, Write: “Even if some magic antibiotic could control 100% of the bacteria, you would have attacked only a fraction of the acne problem. I would estimate that oral antibiotic, at best, provides only 20 - 30 % of the needed acne solution.” Antibiotics do not address the root cause of acne.

Topical antibiotics like Clindamycin and Benzaclin (Clindamycin and Benzoyl Peroxide) may have dangerous side effects and, just as with oral antibiotics, topical antibiotics are really only a temporary solution of acne. They don’t resolve the contributing dead skin cells. They are an ineffective long-term solution for acne management.  They do not address the root cause of acne.

Retinoids have comedolytic action; they prevent the microcomedo (a pimple) from forming. However, the acne patient given the cream tretinoin that includes isopropyl myristate is applying a highly comedogenic ingredient that further exacerbates the condition. Even with an appropriate retinoid, the retinoid often makes their skin so sensitive and irritated that they abandon using it long before it becomes effective. Creating skin inflammation has side-effects. Retinoids do not address the root cause.

When the aforementioned strategies do not work, physicians often prescribe a round of isotretinoin. For some acne patients, the side effects are not worth the health risks. It can appear to be golden for some acne-suffers or several rounds of isotretinoin later, the break out returns again. 

Though used as a skin lightener, Hydroquinone at prescription strength (3 -4% and as high as 10%)) is often combined with other actives such as Tretinoin, Retinol, Vitamin C, or glycolic acid. Being a metabolite of Benzene, Hydroquinone has potential mutagenic properties. In 1994, the Journal of American College of Toxicology published “the Addendum to the final report on the Safety Assessment of Hydroquinone.” Its conclusion stated that “Hydroquinone is a potent cytotoxic agent that causes mutations and alterations to DNA .” Though there is more written, let us say, mutation offers no root cause approach to acne.

Science Daily, April 26, 2012, reported Karolinksa Institutet in Sweden profound discovery that the majority of skin diseases manifest themselves in some kind functional disorder of the skin’s protective barrier. There is an enormous amount of research across scientific disciplines on the skins protective barrier and the impact of inflammation on health. There are many services and products to review in light of this information. There is every reason to be selective.

View from the Golden Casket (chest) of Traditional Chinese Medicine 

There is much to be learned about sustainability and our health from our world when it was focused on living long and living well. Acknowledging achievements in an advanced society during 5,000 years of peace on earth will move the West out of the “catch-up” position.

A doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) lives in an elegant metaphoric model of nature that is inclusive of humanities systems and dimensions. It is intensively complex and simultaneously pure simplicity. The recent development of Integrative Medicine in the west is an initial attempt to take-on similarity. Yet, it does not begin to compare to the vast observation base or rich knowledge of human anatomy, physiology, and herbology woven into a sustainable art and science with proven capabilities to create health and well being in the individual as well being a driving force in the creation of a vibrant society. 

A small fractional view into skin disorders and Traditional World of Chinese Medicine focuses on the condition of the lungs. Skin disorders are often created in the body by excessive internal heat connecting to external deficiency. Wind and dampness take advantage of pores in the body that may have emotions provoked beyond its capacity to regulate. 

Truly wholistic in nature, there are many dimensions in skin diagnostics encompassing internal and external basis of knowledge. Injury to any of the seven emotions (anger, elation, pensiveness, worry, terror, sadness, and fear) has effect in there corresponding organs. Fear, the flow (chi - energy pattern) sinks, with anger it ascends; terror resides in damaging kidneys. The eyes, hair, tongue, skin, the tone of voice and the diagnostic process has only begun. 

The Secret

When the treatment plan is complete, it releases the patient to create.  This is our true nature. No force, nothing blocks. The immune system is nourished and protected. No harm or crazy side-effects. Every expression and action is intended to respect the intelligence designed into your ability to self-heal and re-bond authentically with your sustaining factors, of which there are many and include the earth itself.

When the TCM Practitioners remains steadfast, you will never find destructive machines, products out of balance with nature, harsh chemicals or anything short of treating for the root cause in treatment plans. The herbal prescription is made in a compounding pharmacy with finely selected herbs. Every prescription is formulated based on the unique diagnostics of individual patients. Two people with the same complaints will have different treatment plans and different medicines.

There is many comforts in Traditional Chinese Medicine Skin Care. I have found Western research in specialty discipline pointing the finger at each other and rush about in different direction on a statistical basis of the average American. There is no unified field of harmonious knowledge inclusive of the different organ systems linking the mental and emotional aspects and well, let's take the long and short of it and call it wholeness. Then there is the matter of individual constitution and seasonal conditions and the much-needed connectivity to the purity of earth. 

I most sincerely hope the best surgeon would appear at just the right moment; however, as soon as possible Traditional Chinese Medicine is the creation of balance in the whole system to restore health; we got it covered. It takes time and with certain conditions seasons to work with the body’s natural healing processes. In the case of acne, it is an internal and external journey with many layers. Though healing is often quick, it will not offer a quick fix that drains your health and your wealth or spends your future into the loss of well being.

The featured photo documents a timeline of recovery achieved by applying the combined methodologies and modalities of Dr. Sam Kim and Georgia Williams, a Licensed Esthetician Working in the Field of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Specifically for Performing and Visual Artists


Self-care on a daily basis is of great importance no matter what your profession or hobby. Your body is constantly re-creating itself. You will have a new stomach lining in about a week, a new liver in about four months and before you realize it your whole body from head to toe will recreate itself. You are in motion! Self-care is what can make all the difference.

In the 60's and 70's, there was an explosion of thinking when Dennis Waitley, Ph.D. brought technology from the US Space program to Olympic sports called Biofeedback. They found athletes wired to sophisticated equipment capturing brain and muscle responses could sit in a chair and produce the same effects on body systems running their Olympic events in their imagination.

The watch-words of the day were - if you can go there in your mind you can go there in reality. Einstein captured the value of his brilliance by saying imagination is more valuable too. Rampage! We became mesmerized in brain/mind connection capabilities. Too often it was at the expense of losing our health due to lack of relational focus to the rest of our systems.  Even today it is likely you know someone who thinks the only usefulness of the rest of the body is to carry the brain around.

Going forward the healthy trend returns with the clarity that what you do with your brain influence body and what you do with your body influences the brain. Therein resides our wholeness.

Let us look at your day right now for how to include body moves that will help you pick yourself up. Sitting or standing gently stretch your Achilles tendon - you know - that thing runners do to prepare the lower back of their legs. When you get into the all too familiar fight or flight there is a cascade of chemicals that rocket through the body. This pattern has to dissipate before systems return to create balance.

We lose/spend days of our lives where it is difficult at best to give to life what we know we can.  OK, let's get real, it cost us money and our relationships to stay in that state.  That recommended stretch - make it a habit - stretch. Simple - effective. It is not just about sports!

I have six more simple and effective LifeStyle development practices to incorporate into your life. Try this one. Become a believer because you live it and life gives back more to you and then come and see us.

Ready to really get your dreams done so you can move on life more and better? Read-on with this in mind - you can check this out with real patients in our, our website:, Google+, Yelp, City Search, Health Grades etc. or search the web the world over for confirmations.

Oriental Medicine is unique in that it allows not only for physical healing but also addresses long-held emotional or mental burdens that may encumber the free expression of one’s spirit. Patients often report the experience of renewed wellness and a sense of returning to their authentic self. Whatever your goals and aspirations, the modalities in our Practice can help create the arrival of their pure born expression. 

Treatments empower. Every modality’s foundation is anchored in the body’s ability to recreate itself whole. Nothing at Green Acupuncture and Med Spa speaks to the body’s intelligence with disrespect. We believe “you can.”

Go CREATIVE! - Recent studies have shown Acupuncture increase activity in the frontal lobe of the brain – the same part of the brain responsible for abstract thinking: ( Acupuncture allows the nervous system to calm down so that creative or more abstract thinking is possible. Deeply relaxing, it can help boost cognitive function as well.

Treatments help calm and focus energy so it doesn’t get scattered, which helps with all the expressions in the Arts such as dancing, playing, singing, directing, writing. People feeling less stressed, have improved digestion, sleep better, so the overall quality of life is enhanced too."

A recent article in Scientific American describes increasing creative impulse through psychological distancing ( By stimulating parasympathetic nerve activity through specific acupuncture points, a patient is released to create a natural flow in dimensions of health, well being and a refreshed foundation to be creative. 

The keynotes of our keynotes can be described in the "R" words:







Regenerate ............Yep, exactly our outcome.

A long-time patient here at Green Acupuncture and Med Spa that keeps a weekly appointment arrives to “boost creativity and to protect the energy flow from getting blocked.” Consider........

This is your time

Create and Own Your Edge

“You do not know, you do not have and you have never been what you can be with acupuncture and real support from the natural world” 

Make it your truth!

“Build your life/family/wealth/teams with the edge use by Emperors and those identified as Leaders, Winners, Warriors, Commanders, the Unstoppable, Inventors, the Brilliant, the Most Loved Performers (Iron Man Rebuilt His Life on TCM!) and more in the ancient and modern world”

We Have a Dedicated Section Especially for the Performing Artists We Serve in Our Web Pages.

Dr. Kim and Georgia