Herbal Medicine



Herbal Medicine at Green Acupuncture and Med Spa in Johns Creek is formulated and produced for individual patient’s need. With only a few superior quality exceptions, we do not hold prepared medicine sitting on a shelf waiting for you to “fit it” or held in “containers at a drive-by pick-up window.” Our containers are empty, waiting for the moment when the correct herbs will be gathered and processed into medicine appropriate to the exact needs of your body. It is delivered made fresh and often, it is still warm from the plant extraction process when you receive it.

We select whole medicinal-grade herbs grown in Korea and other Asian soils that produce rich abundant phytonutrients and medicinal potencies.

Selection and extraction is a refined art and science that Dr. Kim continues to study beyond any standards set by licensing authorities. This guarantees our patients receive the highest quality healthcare and medicine that is safe and effective.

Careful extraction of premium raw materials is what makes the herbal medicine you receive better than other options. Our high-pressure system maximizes extraction of active ingredients and the low-temperature approach ensures that phytonutrients and active compounds are not destroyed by the extraction process.

Our approach yields a more complete capture of what nature has to offer. Herbs are extracted with selected water, ensuring purity, safety and potency in our medicines. This is the correct and responsible way to process and produce herbal extracts for medicines that have clinical efficacy.

Physician expertise, our processes and commitment to the highest quality in herbal formulations is why patients choose Green Acupuncture and Med Spa.

Message From Dr. Sam Kim

Herbal Medicines are not all created equal. Herbs are graded like lumber and many other commodities. How herbs are processed also creates the end result in your body.

I am the steadfast expression of Oriental Medicine.  My herbal medicines remain rooted in a bond that continues to flourish by wisely using the earth bounty to create health and well being in humanity for more than 5,000 years. 

Dr. Sam Kim

Oriental Medicine in Johns Creek