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Care for Men and Women

Green Acupuncture and Med Spa brings a new level of comprehensive care and value for those health conscious couples seeking exceptional support for child conception and  recovery.  Empowering a personal crossroad for both the man and the woman our Fertility - Infertility care ensures couples have the time to prepare, reestablish, and build healthy fertile body systems in which to conceive a child naturally.  

There are three conditions addressed after the uniqueness of an individual’s organs and systems have been considered. The three conditions are: 

- Couples encountering difficulties conceiving with no apparent medical reason

- Couples who need to build over-all strengths & health improvements due to life’s wear & tear 

- Couples that have experienced difficult pregnancy  or deliveries 

With a specialty in women's health by education and experience, Dr. Kim's proprietary treatment plans and unique blends of Oriental Medicine and holistic modalities in the Med Spa offer the very best care for conceiving new life.

Personal Note from Dr. Sam Kim 

“Our body systems have new challenges in creating health and the next generations as the earth continues to evolve our life support systems.  Thinking beyond symptomatic medicine, our Fertility - Infertility Care addresses the “generational sustainability” aspects needed in health care today.”

“Let’s Bring New Love and Happiness to Life”  

Dr. Sam Kim

The Wall of Delight 

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We Wish to Express Our Heart Felt Commitment to  Our Patients & the Creation of Fertility Success .

Courage & Fortitude From Within.

Picture a New Life with the Hopes & Dreams of Making This a Better World.