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Thank You Dr. Kim and Georgia.

We came to Dr Kim because we were witness to the miracle that happened to our daughter by Dr Kim's treatment and the bonus treatment by Georgia. 

Although our problems were very different than our daughters it was worth a try.  

My husband's memory was progressively worsening   He was being treated by a specialist and yet his condition was declining.  While visiting our daughter we only had time for four days of treatment before heading north again.  

Within those four days, the difference was remarkable!  He became less foggy and more focused.  His ability to retain information was a major improvement. Sadly we had to leave but not before they made a plan for us.


We left with Dr Kim's  Herbal  Medicine and other important information, references, and ideas.  

The moment we return to Johns Creek, our first stop will be Dr Kim's office. This team really cares and are capable of making you healthy again.

Lee and Lois  F. - Boston, MA.


Happy Face, Timeliness, Quality, I feel amazing!



Dr. Kim has helped me so much. I have been for treatments with great results.

Martha Wilson


With so many clients in a day, I used to have painfully swollen hands. The herbal  wrap Georgia, creates in the Med Spa for my hands restores the rhythmic smooth flow needed for superior cutting along with nourishing my skin back to balance without side-effects. 

D. Biffel

Allure Salon


I came here 2 months ago; I could hardly walk. Dr. Kim and Georgia took me and worked on me. Now I can walk without pain. I have redesigned my landscaping and did all the digging. 

I worked on it 3 days a week for 2 weeks from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. each day. I am not having any pain! Thank you , Thank you, thank you. I trust you both completely.



My biggest compliments go to Georgia for helping me accomplish such great results with scar treatment. I am someone who had unfortunately gotten used to expecting a long term scar from any injury to my skin even including a minor scratch. I have residual scars that I have not treated yet with the scar therapy recommended by Georgia from over 15 years.  

As you can see (photo gallery), this progression of healing spans a little over two months, something that was beyond amazing for someone who is more than used to seeing scars barely fade in the span of years.  The results I have gotten from Georgia have amazed me and I hope many others who feel stuck with scars can reach out to her for the same results!

Nisah Mohammed



I came to see Dr. Kim on May 6, 2014 and let him know my medical condition. I am on a dialysis due to end-stage renal failure. I also had vascular surgery on my right leg in June 2013. I did not heal properly. My foot ended up swollen without returning to normal. Also circulation my was poor. My foot and ankle was almost black in color.

After seeing Dr. Kim 6 times I could feel a lot of tingling in my foot, slowly there have been many improvements. After four months healthy color has come back in my foot and ankle, swelling has gone down considerably. I can now tie my shoe ( it has been 15 months since I could tie my shoe).

Through Dr. Kim’s Herbal Medicine not only has by foot started healing, my lab results at the dialysis center has also had good results.

I am so blessed to have Dr. Kim on my health care team.

Liz West


People in the industry need to know how to improve or be praised for their skill. It's important. 

Thank-you for my service. The service was awesome, Georgia....

Elaine Sterling, LE, CEO

Elaine Sterling Institute and The Spa at Elaine Sterling Institute


Dr. Kim is an awesome healer! I came in here with major pain in my shoulder and back, After just one treatment, I felt tremendous relief from the pain and as a side benefit, much more relaxed in my spirit. I will definitely recommend Dr. Kim to all my friends and family.

Jeff Flacker


Excellent, Georgia is very knowledgeable and she took her time, which I appreciated.

Kathy Rich


I trust Dr. Kim and appreciate his expertise and knowledge. 

Raymond Jeminiz


Best money I ever spent.

Bambi Ivers


Skin looks beautiful, very moisturized, most of my puffiness is gone, face looks slimmer and chizzed. 

Neck area looks better, loved the scrub this am and the bonus of being less stressed - easier to get up this morning!

Very happy with the results!  

Will be doing it often. 


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